• Cancer Genomics and Computational Biology

Cancer Genomics and Computational Biology

Speaker: Alfonso Valencia

Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncológicas (CNIO), Madrid
Host: Javier De Las Rivas


Hora: 12:30

Salón de Actos
Cancer Genomics and Computational Biology
The fast progression of genomics is making of the use of personal genomic information a pressing reality. In this scenario Bioinformatics and Computational Biology play a central rôle. The organization and analysis of individual genomes is a complex task that requires a blend of engineering and scientific developments and touches many areas in which the development of computational methods is far from complete.
In the context of various cancer genome related projects my group is developing both the technical framework for the interpretation of the result and the methods required for the interpretation of the scientific interpretation of the results. Based on our experience in these projects, I will review the key problems in the analysis of high--‐throughput genomic and epigenomic information, prediction of the incidence of mutations, alteration in splicing patterns, and comparative analysis of affected pathways with special emphasis in the application of co--‐evolution related methods.

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