Executive Management

The Manager Unit offers its services in various areas related to the different institutions supporting the Institute: National Research Council (CSIC) and Foundation for Cancer Research (FICUS):

Manager FICUS:

  1. The management and implementation of the agreements and guidelines adopted by the Board of the FICUS.
  2. The management of existing services in the FICUS and as many management functions are accurate to the best achievement of the aims of FICUS.
  3. Oversee the accounting of FICUS and formulate draft reports;
    budgets and annual accounts.
  4. Directing the human resources policy of staff employed by the FICUS.
  5. Formal monitor compliance with fiscal and tax obligations of FICUS.
  6. Advise the Board on economic or tax legal issues that may affect the Foundation.
  7. Acts of complete implementation of the agreements of the Board as may be ordered by the member of the Board in each case be responsible for the implementation of the same.
  8. Formulate proposals to the Board deemed appropriate for the smooth running of the Foundation.

Manager CSIC:

  1. Economics and financial management.
  2. Personnel management.
  3. Management accounting.
  4. Advice on the preparation and justification for projects.
  5. Elaboration of the IBMCC budget.
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