Coimbra Life Sciences Group. Master in Cancer Biology

Eleven Universities of the Coimbra Group participate in the

“Master´s Program in Cancer Biology"

An initiative of the Coimbra Life Sciences Group

What it is

A proposed action aimed at increasing the excellence and competitiveness of our postgraduate/master students in the context of the Life Sciences. Thus, CLSG offers to master students in the cancer biology field (or related), the opportunity to develop their practical training/research project (or part of it) in one of the partnering Universities participating in the Program. Students can also attend cancer-related lectures in the foreign University during their practical training.

General aims

  • To develop active networks in the cancer research area.
  • To share training activities and technologies with the goal to boost the quality and competitiveness of bio-scientific education and training.
  • To introduce students to an interdisciplinary approach to cancer research, from basic to clinical level.

Participating Universities

      Montpellier (France), Würzburg (Germany), zu Koln (Cologne, Germany), Turku (Finland), Abo Akademi (Finland), Vilnius (Lithuania), Tartu (Estonia), Coimbra (Portugal), Pavia (Italy), Barcelona (Spain) and Salamanca (Spain).

Consult the broad range of research projects and cancer related subjects offered by each University

Contact for details: Professor/coordinator of your particular Master