Executive Office

The Administration Unit offers its services in various areas related to the three different institutions supporting the Institute: National Research Council (CSIC), University of Salamanca (USAL) and Foundation for Cancer Research (FICUS):

  • Budgetary and financial management:
    • Annual budget institutional and financial management operations
    • Budget and justification of competitive grants
    • Management of contracts and agreements with public and private institutions
    • Administration of revenues derived from direct services delivered by our technical scientific units.
  • Human resources:
    • Recruitment of scientific, technical, and administrative personnel
    • Payroll and social security obligations management for staff employed by each of the institutions.
  • Administrative management:
    • Presentation of national and international scientific and the corresponding economic justification dossiers to the granting agencies
    • Administrative coordination with the USAL, CSIC, FICUS and other institutions
    • Administrative work related to Ph.D. and Master program of the Institute.
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