Innovation Office

The CIC scientists bring forth unique expertise and cross-disciplinary knowledge, providing exceptional opportunities to transfer cutting-edge technologies and knowledge to both society and industry.

The primary goal of the CIC Innovation Unit is to facilitate the innovation process by:

  • Applying to international competitive and cooperative funding calls to fuel CIC innovative projects.
  • Raising awareness of the potential socioeconomic impact of CIC research.
  • Encouraging active involvement of CIC researchers and companies in technology development and innovation.
  • Enhancing the CIC's visibility as a valuable source of transferrable knowledge.
  • Improving the center's innovation capabilities across knowledge protection, commercialization, and entrepreneurship.


We maintain close relationships with various industries and pharmaceutical companies, actively seeking collaborations with companies interested in partnering with our scientists to jointly develop products or technologies that contribute to the prevention and treatment of cancer. For inquiries regarding collaboration, please contact us and share your specific requirements.


At the CIC, we take pride in our entrepreneurs and actively promote and support the entrepreneurial initiatives of our researchers. Below are some of the companies initiated by CIC scientists:

Current Initiatives

  • ABIOINNOVA 2023 (Salamanca Council)
  • AECC INNOVA 2024
No information is available