The governing bodies of the CIC-IBMCC are: (i) the Governing Committee composed of two representatives of the CSIC, appointed by the President of CSIC and two representatives of the USAL appointed by the Rector of the Salamanca University, (ii) the Board of the Institute, consisting of the director, Vice-Director, manager, principal investigators of the institute, a representative of the scientific staff, and a representative of the technical and support staff (iii) the Director, appointed by the Presidents of the CSIC and the Rector of the Salamanca University according the proposal of Board of the Institute, (iv) Vice-Director, also appointed by the Presidents of the CSIC and the Rector of the University of Salamanca to proposal director of the center, (v) the center manager, responsible for budget management, economic, and administrative personnel, (vi) the Institute Faculty, an advisory body composed of all staff scientist assigned to the institute and finally (vii) the External Advisory Committee also consultative body appointed by the Governing Committee, after hearing the Board of the Institute, consisting of the least five prestigious international scientists in the lines Institute research.

In addition to this common structure to most research centers, the CIC-IBMCC has the Foundation for Cancer Research at the University of Salamanca (FICUS), which (i) contributes to flow in the center of scientific activity through the recruitment of scientific, technical and administrative, (ii) serves as a bridge between agency activities performed by the CIC-IBMCC and society, channeling funds and sponsorships provided by individuals, private companies and non-governmental organizations to the center, (iii) facilitate the rapid transfer of results obtained by researchers to R+D and finally (iv) promotes research excellence through the promotion of periodic evaluation of the research carried out by an external scientific committee. The FICUS has a Board of Trustees presided by the Rector of the University of Salamanca and the President of CSIC, joined representatives of the University of Salamanca, the CSIC and representatives of the Regional ministries of Education and Health of the Junta de Castilla y León.