Scientific Coordinator

Javier De Las Rivas

+34 923 294 819


Bioinformatics Unit

Centro de Investigación del Cáncer (CSIC-USAL).

Campus Universitario Miguel de Unamuno s/n E-37007 Salamanca (Spain)

Diego Alonso López

+34 923 294 821



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The Bioinformatics Unit works in the CiC-IBMCC with the help and support of the Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics Research Group, to provide technical and scientific service on bioinformatics data analyses to scientists and research groups from the CiC, the University of Salamanca or from outside. The Unit has major expertise in the analysis of genomic and transcriptomic data and biological networks.

The Bioinformatics Unit was launched to provide services in June 2008 and in the last
decade has performed different analyses of biological data from more than 3000 samples
coming from different labs and research centers in Spain.

In this Facility we provide complete services for:

  • Multivariate analyses and comparison of two or more states using omic data. Analysis to search and identify genes (or other biomolecular entities such as miRNAs, ncRNAs, proteins, etc.) that show statistical significant changes using robust techniques of differential contrast of two states (Normal versus Altered) or between different classes.

  • Biomarker profiling. Integrated analysis of omic data across multiple states, conditions or individuals for the identification of biological feature profiles (biomarkers), such as those derived from genome-wide expression studies.

  • Functional enrichment analysis. Annotation and assignment of biological functions based on enrichment studies and clustering analyses. These types of analysis vary widely according to the objectives of each study and generally provide complex results that also require the Unit’s help in interpretation.

  • Bioinformatics tools and data. The unit facilitates the use of various bioinformatics software tools and the access to scientific data repositories:

    • Tools and databases provided to the scientific community by other research institutions, for example: NCBIGEO, NCBI-SRA, Bioconductor, GSEA, etc.
    • Open Access Software developed within the CiCIBMCC: GATExplorer, GeneTerm-Linker, FGNet, APID Interactomes, DECO, etc.
  • Custom analysis and data integration. The unit also offers customized analyses for data from non-standard platforms as well as new analysis of datasets that have been studied previously and the integration with other accessible series.

  • Advice and assistance. Frequently the unit also provides support and assistance to the scientists and researchers of the CIC-IBMCC and the University Campus who ask for help in Bioinformatics.