Equipment & Building Maintenance

The Equipment & Building Maintenance unit has the following functions:

  • Modification, reparation and maintenance programs of laboratory equipment andbuilding facilities.
  • Oversees and management maintenance contracts and externals for repairs by voutside contractors and supplies for laboratory equipment and building facilities.
  • Helps research laboratories and core services units in verification and internalcalibration of laboratory equipment for Quality Management System and/or purchases, replacement or any technical problem.
  • Registration into the management software for equipment inventory, instructionmanuals and work orders. Although not considered as a service for external users, sporadically the unit gives supportto other centers on the university campus. The unit has the ISO Certifications: ISO 9001 andOSHAS 18001.


  • Installation and initial setup of new equipment.
  • Modification and repairs of simple lab equipment.
  • Complex repair of laboratory equipment using some specific maintenance tools orequipment.
  • Programmed routine maintenance, corrective and preventive building facilities (fancoilfilters, oil vacuum replacement, CO2 cell culture incubators, spectrophotometer etc.)and steam checkout.
  • Verification/calibration of balances, pipettes, dry heat incubators, refrigerators,thermoblocks, etc.
  • Request of an intervention,overseeing of the work of outsidecontractors and managementof repairs made by externalcompanies.
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