Purchasing management/ Procurement service


  • María Sonia Pérez Díez
  • Mª Eugenia Fdez. de la Torre

Facility intended to acquisition cell culture material, reagents, antibodies, office supplies and research material, for the institute in general and the different research projects carried out.


  • Negotiation of supplier purchase agreements.
  • Purchase supplier orders.
  • Stocks maintenance of material, culture media, reagents, etc. in the warehouse.
  • Making claims of damaged or wrong orders.
  • Find alternatives like any product in case of stock out.
  • Advises and informs about prices, offers and availability of products requested by users.
  • Acquisition of radioisotopes, non-encapsulated sources, and radioactive measuring equipment.
  • Radioactive waste management.
  • Permanent control of the radioactive material existing in the radioactive facility.
  • Elaboration of standards that lead to the development of personnel work with the lowest possible risk: radiological protection manual, devices verification/calibration procedures, operations logbook, CSN reports, etc.
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