Basic Information  / Información General (ESP)

The Master´s Degree in “Biology and Clinic of Cancer” focuses on specialized training on basic, translational and clinical aspects of cancer research. This academic program is determined by the need to integrate recent studies of cancer at the molecular level with the body of knowledge of this disease clinically. The Master´s Degree provides an introduction to the study of tumor processes through an integrated approach that begins with an analysis of these processes at the molecular level and continues with the application of these basic skills to the clinic. The integration of molecular and clinical contents gives a unique character and training key for future researchers in the field. Courses are given by acknowledged experts in different fields, most of them from the CIC-IBMCC (USAL) but also foreign researchers, invited for that purpose, with which students are encouraged to interact with. The Program has a high practical profile, which constitutes one of its most attractive points. Thus, of its 60 total ECTS, 18 of them correspond to the "Practicum”, a subject in which students carry out, throughout the academic year and under the direct supervision of a tutor/scientist, a research project in one of the cancer research groups involved in the program. At the end of the Master´s Degree the student must submit a written Master´s Thesis for presentation and defense before a board of examiners. The orientation of the Máster´s Degree is essentially a postgraduate research program, which aims to prepare students for inclusion in doctoral programs and the completion of the PhD. The Master “Biology and Clinic of Cancer” aims also to transfer to future doctors the most up to date experience and knowledge generated about the different diseases that collectively we call cancer as well as introduce the culture of cutting-edge research that will cure or turn into chronic these diseases in the future.